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October 10, 2013






Painting Daryl

October 8, 2013



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Zombie Stitch Statement

Fake Burning Cabin with Stitch

Fake Burning Cabin with Stitch

Union Charge with Stitch

Union Charge with Stitch


September 12, 2013

Zombie Stitch Patriotic Cake 72dpi 2012

Pip Brant Arizona Calvary with Stitch

September 12, 2013


The re-enactment of battles is a great tourist experience as well as an outlet for the actors in these events. The losing side organizes many of these gatherings and a good example is the Battle of the Little Big Horn Re-enactment on the Crow Reservation in southern Montana. To clarify, the Crow were scouts for the Americans.

There are also strangely enough re-enactments staged by other countries. Just south of Berlin, Germans like to portray American Civil War events, with reasoning that many German immigrants fought in this war.

As with re-enactments, even though there are attempts at authenticity, this is an impossible task. A degrading of the actual battles happens. Political correctness can further pollute the forgotten truths. With my paintings, I am trying to decompose these events even more with the removal and color conversions of visual information. The question I want to play with has to do with color switches and abstractions that sweeten the gory truths usually romanticized by traditional panoramic historical painting. I want to see color convey the content.

Embroidery is another element of this project. Linked to traditional panoramic history genre is medium that has had traditions in depicting battles; The Bayreuth Tapestry, being just one example. Most often these survive in fragments, as does my own stitching.

Pip Brant
Hollywood, FL

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